Registration fee


For all accepted papers, the registration fee needs to be paid before the deadline. The Registration and Participants fee include conference bag, conference souvenir and attending all technical sessions.


Regular Registration:                                425 USD (2600 RMB)  / paper

Student Registration                                 400 USD (2400 RMB)  / paper

Listeners:                                                  200 USD (1200 RMB)  / person

Extra Page Charge (over 5 pages)           50 USD  (300 RMB)     / page

Extra Proceeding                                      100 USD  (600 RMB)   / book

Mailing proceedings Fee                          100 USD  (600 RMB)   / book


 including handling charge 25 USD
ICAT2E2017 Registration by PayPal



(1) Registration fees for ICAT2E 2017 delegates residing in Mainland China is 2600 Chinese Yuan, whereas registration fees for delegates residing outside Mainland China is 425 USD. 

(2) One regular registration can cover a paper with 4 pages, including all figures, tables, and references. If the length of the paper exceeds FIVE PAGES, the cost of EACH EXTRA PAGE is 300 Chinese Yuan or 50 US dollars. 

(3) Each paid registration covers only one paper. 

(4) For the accepted paper,  at least one of authors needs pay for registration fee before the deadline.

(5) Registration fee for each participants (Listeners) is 1000 Chinese Yuan or 160 U.S. Dollars. 

(6) Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side.


The guide for the Camera-ready paper Submission and Registration



For authors who have their papers accepted for ICAT2E2017, please  be kindly reminded with the following points:


1. In order to make high quality of ICAT2E2017 Proceedings, the camera-ready version should follow the format. Kindly download from here

     paper format for proceedings


2. All papers should format with above format strictly, if your paper not format with it, your paper will not be published. The length of the paper should not exceed 4 pages without extra pages fees.


Noting that: Kindly send your final paper (doc format) to us ( before Dec. 10, 2016. If you have not submitted your paper in that time, your paper will be not published, Thank you for supporting.


3. Registration 


Kindly download the registration form and pay for it, and send both registration form and a scanned receipt from your bank to above Email ( before Dec. 10, 2016. If you have not pay for your paper in that time, your paper will be not be published.



Author Registration Form  


4. Copyright 


The Publisher applies the copyright policy defined in the Creative Commons license number 3 (attribution, non-commercial) (see for details:, meaning that no copyright transfer is required from the authors. It is understood that through this agreement the Publisher obtains a sole and exclusive license to produce the work or any substantial part of the work, to sell the said work in book, serial or electronic form in any language throughout the world, and to reproduce the work in any form mechanical, electronic, by sight or sound or a combination of both.



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